Upload, scan or email your personal documents to your secure Shoebox in the cloud. Access your documents from any device anywhere , any time. Set up expiry dates, compile tax expenditure reports and much more!

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Shoebox to the rescue


Where are all your important personal documents?

Are they carefully filed away where they can be easily located, or like most of us, somewhere in a box or drawer in a cupboard?

A document becomes important when you need it in a hurry. Can you access your personal documents immediately via your mobile or your laptop from anywhere - at any time?

Do you need to hunt through a pile of paper in a shoebox a cupboard or a drawer to find it, and then when you find it, have to copy or scan it if you need a hard copy?

What if you can’t find it – what will it cost and how much time will it take to get a replacement?

This is the world of Shoebox!
-the ability to access your personal documents immediately via your mobile or your laptop from anywhere - at any time!


Shoebox has a family profile.

Each dependant, family member, spouse and child can be registered and the documents for each family member will be linked for that family member to the main member record in the system. So you can keep all the documents together under one registered account.


A document, e.g. a birth certificate, for each is easily stored in the system and can then be selected, when required, individually by family member, or collectively as a family unit, so that when requested the required birth certificates are displayed.


A facility is provided that when a dependant, at a future date, wants to set up their own records in their own Shoebox account, their existing records can be migrated to the new account that they will register.


Each Family in the system is unique.

To make Shoebox as simple as possible to use, we created a capability that we call ‘Dynamic Lists’.

Wherever possible the system compiles unique lists of information specific to the family. E.g. the family might own a number of vehicles.

When adding a document for a vehicle, the first time the vehicle registration number is added, it is added to a ‘dynamic list’ built by the system specifically for that family or user profile.

Thereafter when adding additional documents for the vehicle into the system, you only ever have to refer to the vehicle by selecting the registration number from the drop-down list.

When selecting search options, if you want documents for a specific vehicle, you simply select the registration number from the drop-down list.


There are many facilities in the Cloud where you can store files and folders of documents and images.

ShoeBox is different.

Shoebox does not use a folder-based tree structure. ShoeBox stores documents and images in a structured, database driven repository.

The system has a pre-defined document indexing structure that is simple to use. No more having to construct meaningful file names that you think you will remember when you want to retrieve the document.

No more having to physically locate the file in the correct folder in a tree structure amongst your many other documents. The ShoeBox database does the work.


When filing a document to the system you simply identify the type of document, enter some reference information requested by the system and Save.

When recovering the document for viewing, printing and communication, the referencing structure guides you and drives the powerful search capabilities to allow you to find the document.

You don’t have to remember the file name you gave the document – months/years ago, when you originally added the document, that you thought would be easy to remember.

The File structure provides for you to select various document types that you would typically require to store.


  • Document Category - Identity Documents
  • Document Types - ID
    • Passport
    • Work Permit
    • Visa
    • Permanent Residence
  • Document Category - Certificates
  • Document Types - Birth
    • Marriage
    • Death
    • Divorce
    • Marriage Contract
  • Document Category – Medical Aid
  • Document Types - Membership Certificate
    • Medical Aid Plan
    • Medical Aid Claims
    • Letters and Notices

Structured, simple to use, definitive when compiling a search.


Shoebox supports two-way communication; -
To capture documents and send them to Shoebox To retrieve documents from Shoebox and communicate these documents to required recipients.


  • Scan your documents via your laptop and simply upload the documents to Shoebox directly.
  • Scan you documents on a multi-function device and send them to Shoebox via email.
  • Photograph your documents and upload them to Shoebox via your Smart Phone.
  • Photograph your special events and upload your photographs to Shoebox via your Smart Phone.
  • Redirect your service providers to email your invoices and other documents directly to Shoebox or simply forward the emails received from them to Shoebox.


  • Once in Shoebox the powerful search facilities allow you to search for the documents you require on your laptop or Smart Phone and you can then; -
  • Send the documents to a recipient via email
  • Attach the documents to a WhatsApp message
  • Send a link to whoever requires a document. This link remains operational for 24 hours and the recipient can view the document directly within that time.
  • Print the document
  • Copy the documentat the drop of a hat.


Launching a search in Shoebox by selecting from the drop-down lists - e.g; -
  • the ‘Registration Number’ of a vehicle, plus
  • a specific document type - such as the licensing documentation,
will immediately return this document for viewing.

The database structure of Shoebox however can expand the power of the search by being able to search across document structures and recover various documents related to a common search criterion. E.G. There may be many different documents in Shoebox associated with the vehicle that you own.

Launching a search for the Registration Number of a particular vehicle, could recover the; -
  • purchase documentation,
  • the finance documentation,
  • the licensing and registration documentation,
  • repairs invoices,
  • fuel slips and more,
and present a comprehensive history of all the documents available to be selected and viewed for the vehicle requested, from a single search request.

The Shoebox database does the work in one action!



When you login, Shoebox it will automatically display messages for you in the Message screen. This messages will inform you of; -

  • emails that have been received for you where the attachments need to be added into Shiebox. You can add these documents directly from the messaging screen.
  • Notice of documents that are due to expire. E.g if your driver’s license is approaching the expiry date, at 60, 30 and 14 days the system will notify you.
  • Various system notices


Shoebox distinguishes between static documents and transactional documents.

A ‘transactional document’ is a document that is continually received by the system as you use various services.

Examples are Doctor’s Bill, Fuel slips, Maintenance Expenses and more.

These documents when added into Shoebox require you to enter the amount billed for each document.

This supports transactional reporting.

When searching e.g. for – Fuel Slips, for a period, such as the tax year, Shoebox will return a results screen in the Power Search that lists all the fuel slips for the period requested.

You now have a list of fuel costs that may support a deductible tax expense.

Shoebox provides an immediate download of the transactional data into a .csv file format for your use in a spreadsheet.



The Shoebox system has a legacy control that can be initiated if a member is deceased. As part of the registration process two advisers can be defined by the Main Member that will notify Shoebox of such an occurrence.

Either of the nominated advisers must send an email to the Shoebox email address of the deceased Main Member, with the Subject; - Death Notice. A copy of the death certificate should be attached to this email. Shoebox will recognise the notice and will do the following;-

  1. Send a verification link by email to the Main Member email address.
  2. Send a verification link by email to each of the nominated Advisers email address’.
  3. If the link is activated from the Main Member email address the system will assume that the main member is in fact alive and all further legacy processing will be stopped.
  4. If the link is activated from either of the Adviser’ email addresses, Shoebox will activate access to the documents of the Main Member for the Adviser. Activation of the link will connect to Shoebox and will request the Adviser to answer two verification questions set in the system by the Main Member to complete the identification.
  5. Activation of the link will connect to Shoebox and will request the Adviser to answer two verification questions set in the system by the Main Member to complete the identification.
  6. Shoebox will then function as though the Adviser is the Main Member. The user login will from this time forward be the email address of the Adviser that has been granted access.
  • 1
    Register an Account

    Register an account on Shoebox.For security minimal personal data is required Shoebox will email you a link to confirm your registration.

  • 2
    Add your dependants

    If required, add the names of your dependants for whom documents will also be maintained.

  • 3
    Start Uploading and Searching

    From your desktop, laptop, smart phone.


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